Manutan champions « Well-working »

Choosing Manutan today means selecting a partner who is committed to championing work that enables both people and companies to thrive.

We champion this « Well-working » with and for you.

And we’ve really taken this mission to heart, as we’re convinced that « Well-Working » will make the world a better place.

Our vision of « Well-Working »

Manutan is committed to you!

A range that improves your working environment, advice to encourage « Well-working » and ways to optimise your purchases every day…

Because we know that the products and services we offer will help you to buy better, we do everything we can to help you achieve your missions in a fast-changing working world!

Because evidence speaks louder than words


You are the focus of all our attention

Every customer is unique and deserves all our attention! That’s why you’re at the heart of our development. We offer you better working conditions and a special buying experience by giving you customised support every day.


We meet all your needs

We achieve this through our partnerships with more than 3,000 suppliers!

We pay special attention to the choice of products and services that improve the quality of your working environment.

And if you can’t find a product in our catalogue, we offer on-demand sourcing to find it from another supplier.


We help you to buy better

You can spend less by buying better! That’s why our high-quality range also contains Manutan own brands, which are guaranteed for 10 years and available at competitive prices.

We also offer an optimisation solution for indirect purchases to streamline your suppliers, optimise your products, digitalise your transactions, optimise your logistics…

We're interested in your opinion!

That's why Lea, our Brand Manager, will be delighted to answer all your questions.